Frequently Asked Question

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1. Who can apply?

Anyone (Master students, PhD candidates, post-docs) interested in modeling infodemics and pandemics and their interconnection is welcome to apply.

2. How do I apply?

You apply by sending us an application letter containing some background about yourself and a short project proposal. Please click on ‘Register’ in the top right corner for all the details.

3. Why do I have to write an application?

To get the most out of the IPSS, you will be working on your own research projects. Based on your skills and project ideas we can form groups and assign mentors ahead of time.

4. Can I be grouped with a friend or colleague?

In that case, please make a remark in your application letter and make sure that your project ideas match. However, we cannot guarantee that this works out, because we would like to encourage interdisciplinary and new collaborations.

5. What skills do I need to join the IPSS?

We are looking for highly motivated students with the abilities to think analytically and to work in groups effectively. Furthermore, we assume that you have a certain level of programming skills to participate.

6. Why do I need programming skills?

The research projects are planned as agent-based simulation studies, because they can be designed, run, and analyzed in the limited time available at the IPSS. If you have a project idea that uses a different method, we would love to hear about it in your application letter.

7. What if I never programmed before or if I don’t have experience with agent-based simulations?

Don’t worry! We will provide tutorial materials ahead of time, so you can prepare yourself. The tutorial will cover Julia and Agents.jl in such depth that you will be able to work independently in no time. If in doubt, please reach out and we can help you!

8. Is the IPSS only about lectures and project work?

Although this will make up a large part of the IPSS, we have planned plenty of time to socialize and to get to know each other. Furthermore, we will organize social events, such as a guided city tour and a dinner at the Schiffergesellschaft, one of the most traditional restaurants in Lübeck.

9. What about prices and payment?

We have different options. Please click on ‘Register’ in the top right corner for all the details.

10. Is refund avalaible?

That we will decide for each case individually and only for plausible reasons.

11. Where can I stay during the IPSS

We have two options including accommodation: a dorm bed in the Jugendherberge Lübeck Altstadt and a private room in the Traveller Hotel Lübeck. If you plan to organize accommodation yourself, please do so in time, as Lübeck is a popular vacation area, especially in the summer.